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Marie Louise Velge

Welcome, rose lovers, to our modest little website for the 2016/7 season. You will see from your wandering through the site that it is still small, informal and friendly. This is because Roses and Friends is a small, informal and friendly family affair, run by two rose addicts, whose passion for roses has gone on unabated for several decades. We are slaves to our addiction. Our master, or should that be mistress, is the rose, and we love every minute of it, as we hope you’ll love your visit with us, and remember to always put your noses in fragrant roses! It’s the greatest pick-me-up.

As roses rule our lives, we are reminded of a quotation from the man who has done more to promote the flora, fauna and natural phenomena of our planet that any other human being ever. He’s been our hero and inspiration for over forty years:-

    “We tend to assume that flowers are here to gladden our hearts. They’re not, of course. Plants produced flowers long before humanity appeared, to summon mammals, birds and, above all, insects: and although they sometimes are given some payments, they are the servants. The masters are the plants”.
Sir David Attenborough
The Private Life of Plants

We don’t expect you to become enslaved, but if you share our enthusiasm for them, enjoy your roses and the endless hours of pleasure they will bring.

Sue and Steve


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